What is 9CC1?
It’s a mysterious and awe-inspiring codes to be released at some time
It’s a token to be published by us under this name. With the toke, you can become a member of 9CC1ECO
It’s the general name of our Sandwich Bot, whose bots of Mark series will boost the entire ecology of 9CC1
It’s the collective name of our ecological platform, and its K-line/information/social/IDO platform continues to inject traffic and vitality into 9CC1.
Mining Pool
Infinity Gauntlet
Sandwich BOT
Node Compiler
Web3.0 DIY Platform
Mining Pool
At present, we are concentrating on Mining Pool of the 9CC1 project, which will be launched after the merger of Ethereum 2.0.
Provide block packaging and
sorting rights for bots on sale
Provide access to low-cost transactions of big deals
Provide profit dividends from the sales of
9CC1 tokens and NFT ecology
Infinity Gauntlet
Amid a snap of your fingers, you will conquer the entire blockchain, which is by far the most invincible ecosystem in blockchain. By virtue of the product of AI deep learning, you won't miss any chance to increase your earnings reaching 10,000 times. We will launch it before Nov. 2022.
9CC1 Sandwich Bot
Continue to inject funds into the project and have a variety of dividend mechanisms.
Product model:
We’ll deploy multiple sets of MARK50 Bots for this project, which will be upgraded as per actual situations.
MARKMAX Live data broadcast
No new data
MARK50 Live data broadcast
No new data
9CC1 NFT is the token of 9CC1 ecology.
50% of NFT sales will be used to purchase
9CC1 tokens for destruction
Genesis Medal only obtained from presale campaigns.
Provide users with a convenient
NFT trading platform
The platform and product series launched by the9CC1ECO will continue to empower the medal.
Node Compiler
We’ll provide a first-class node server for optimizing the underlying logic of nodes and guaranteeing that the time from signal capture to order is no more than 2 ms.
Provide node compiling for all bots in 9CC1 ecosystem
Reserve node technologies for the establishment of Mining Pool
Create node base for Web 3.0 Creation Platform
Enjoy the fastest speed and undertake the most suitable gas- consumption.
Rapid trading and automatic buying and selling
Prevent being blacklisted
Monitor working pool and sell tokens before withdrawing the pool
Scan the whole network
Earn commission via exclusive agent and one key resale
Use 50% of sales to buy back and destroy 9CC1 tokens
Preload multiple contracts simultaneously
The right of permanent use
WEB3.0 DIY Platform
We’ll provide various fundamental modules, such as K-chart analyses of market conditions, public opinion monitoring, wallet address tracking, entry order, threshold trading, etc. Users can create, share and sell their own strategy profiles as per their preferences.
We will develop K-line observation, real-time contract detection, communication forum, excellent project, recommendation of outstanding team ranking, and other functions of 9CC1 comprehensive application platform, providing users with more accurate and personalized service and more perfect use experience. the platform is expected to be officially launched before mid-October 2022.
Based on the establishment of a professional testing team, our 9CC1 IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform will establish a stricter audit and guarantee system and a more scientific presale and launching process, so as to drive the incubation of high-quality projects and reduce the odds of pig-butchering or runaway scam. Currently, we have a separate team working on this project.
Free combination
Enjoy content ownership
One-stop platform on social contact, trading and monitoring
Threshold trading
Road map
Jan.Developed Sandwich Bot -- DOME
Mar.Optimized node compiler
May.Optimized MARKMAX Bot
Accepted the community proposal to issue tokens
Issued tokens
Issued the first batch of medals
9CC1 tokens official launched the PancakeSwap
Optimize the front bots (added several practical features)
Officially launch the NFT market 1.0 (The 1.0 version trades 9CC1 exclusive NFT, Buy back 50% proceeds of each batch of NFT sales and destory 9CC1 tokens), open the synthesis function
Optimize the Sandwich Bot (including the quantization function), the product benifit repurchasing 9CC1 tokens
Launch K-line Platform (9CC1 will be the platform token, and the offline product launch will be held at the same time)
Launch sales version of the Sandwich Bot (buy back 50% of the product benefits and destory 9CC1 tokens)
Officially Launch the NFT market 2.0 (Open trading)
Launch infinity Gauntlet MAX (buy back 50% of the product benefits and destory 9CC1 tokens)
Officially launch Pre-sale platform(9CC1 token is empowered by the sales)
Jan.Finish the construction of Mining Pool by Q1, and announce the follow-up Roadmap
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